Sicely & Ian Proposal

Oh, Sicely and Ian... they are quite possibly the world's cutest couple. Sicely is my dear cousin and I've had the pleasure of watching her and Ian's relationship grow and thrive over the last 7 years and I am just so proud of where they have come and who they are together. And now they will be husband and wife!!  Ian called me the day before he planned to propose (luckily not any sooner... I would have burst at the seams holding in that information!) to ask if my husband and I could be there to celebrate as he asked Sicely to be his wife. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Ian gave me permission to bring my camera -- there was no way I couldn't document this moment -- and I am SO glad I did! Ian walked Sicely across the Stone Arch Bridge where he shared a private moment with her while overlooking St. Anthony Falls. As he got down on one knee and asked her for forever together, a large group of family and friends swarmed around them screaming and cheering with joy. It was the most amazing moment! You are about to witness the sweetest proposal ever... If this doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy on this cold winter day, I don't know what will! Enjoy!