Welcome to the NEW Krista Esterling Photography!!

I am so excited to share my new website with all of you!! Many of you who know me know that my name isn't Krista Esterling quite yet, but running a business while in the midst of planning your own wedding makes things a little confusing! So, my business is officially off with the "Rehbein" name, and on to "Esterling"!!!! I can't thank all of you enough for supporting me in my great venture of being a photographer, and I hope that my photos bring smiles to all of your faces -- whether you are in them or not! :) So here's to a new beginning in my career... a new name for the beginning of a brand new journey in my life! MY name will follow suit on October 7th of this year... and I am so very excited. :) Until then, there may be some slight confusion, but I will be continuing to grow in my business and give fun, loving, and joyful images to my amazing clients!

Thank you ALL for stopping by!!! ♥