Lauren & Tom | Bald Man Brewing Engagement

Getting to work with siblings of past couples is one of the most amazing feelings that comes with this job of mine. It is so incredibly awesome to get to know another couple within a family that you've already connected with, and knowing that I get to look forward to seeing some of my favorite past faces (ahem, here's looking at you Bridget & Eric) gets me seriously giddy! Lauren and Tom are the best of the best kind of people, and you can't help but be happy when you're around them. One day I received an email with the opening line that stated: "Ok Krista I think you are going to LOVE ME right now!!!!" and Lauren proceeds to let me know that she's convinced her favorite local brewery to let us in on a day that they are closed so that we can take their engagement photos without anyone around.... at that moment, I not only knew I had hit the client jackpot, but that I was the luckiest photographer around. Their wedding day cannot come soon enough - I can't WAIT to watch their day unfold and be surrounded by their joy!!

Sarah & Andrew Engaged

This stunning couple's engagement session really deserves TWO blog posts, but sometimes I need to restrain myself. :) With crazy schedules, short winter days, and the desire for multiple locations, Sarah & Andrew ended up having two separate mini engagement sessions to cover everything we wanted to do! By the time Part 2 came around, the snow had melted and we somehow ended up with one of the most gorgeous sunny March days -- which basically means they totally lucked out with covering two different seasons in their engagement session! Gosh I love Minnesota. :) 

I'm pretty obsessed with this session and this couple, so I hope you all can enjoy this post as much as I do! Special thanks to Lakes and Legends Brewing Company for being so accommodating and having AWESOME beer to top it all off!! Love that space!