Sheena & Nick Engaged

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is narrowing down my favorites for a blog post. Rough life, right?! Sheena & Nick opted to have me travel up to Duluth and beyond for their north shore engagement session, and I am just so happy to have done so!! Their photos make me weak in the knees and their love is so incredibly sweet... It was such fun spending a long afternoon with them, photographing their love in equally lovely places. Have I told you lately that I love my job?! ;) 

Shanna & Henry Engaged

Man, I love couples. I love learning what makes them tick, I love watching how they interact, how their personalities mesh together. It's amazing to me how different we all are yet we can all find that one person who just GETS you. How beautiful is that?! I got to capture that relationship for Shanna & Henry earlier in the winter (I can't quite get over the fact that I can't say "earlier this year" now that it's 2016!!) and now I wanted to share some of my favorites from their session with you all! Their wedding is taking place at a favorite venue of mine, Minneapolis Event Centers, this coming June and I am so excited to capture it all for them! 

Noelle & Thomas Engaged

Yes, I know these two are painfully adorable together. Save some cuteness for the rest of us, wouldja N&T?! I'm so in love with this session and with this couple and sometimes it's just painful to know that I only have their wedding day left to spend with them, because I just want to photograph them together all of the time and hang around them because they are just a joy to be around. I truly love my couples and I'm so grateful that I have a job in which I get to meet such amazing people!! But I'll spare you from more sappy words -- enjoy the sweetness that is Noelle & Thomas:

Betsy & Phillip Engaged

Betsy and Phillip met with me in St. Paul a couple of weeks ago on a chilly Friday evening for their engagement photos at the always-beautiful Rice Park. It's the perfect setting for a winter session when you're surrounded by golden twinkle lights at dusk! SO romantic and so very perfect!! Their love is beautiful and their laughter is abundant and it couldn't make me any happier to get to work with these two awesome people. Their wedding is this September, and I can't wait for that day to come!! Until then, let's all bask in their adorableness, shall we? Scroll on!