Chelsea & Eric | Bauhaus Brew Labs Engagement

Chelsea (a.k.a. 'Fitzy' forever in my mind) was a good friend of mine back in my glorious gymnastics days. We'd spend 4+ days a week giggling, tumbling, and learning insane skills alongside our awesome teammates. It was an incredibly huge part of my life, and those girls I spent all that time with will always mean a lot to me and my childhood. When Fitzy reached out to me about photographing her winter wedding in Stillwater, I danced in my chair and and got crazy excited at the chance to see her again after all these years. Spending time with her and Eric (and of course, their pup Silvia) was a blast, and I love seeing the love and comfort that my old friends have found in their adult lives - my job is quite literally the coolest!! I'm SO excited for these two and even more excited that I get to spend this time with them and capture their relationship! These two are super cute, so prepare for your cheeks to hurt after browsing their engagement sesh! :) 

Shanna & Henry Engaged

Man, I love couples. I love learning what makes them tick, I love watching how they interact, how their personalities mesh together. It's amazing to me how different we all are yet we can all find that one person who just GETS you. How beautiful is that?! I got to capture that relationship for Shanna & Henry earlier in the winter (I can't quite get over the fact that I can't say "earlier this year" now that it's 2016!!) and now I wanted to share some of my favorites from their session with you all! Their wedding is taking place at a favorite venue of mine, Minneapolis Event Centers, this coming June and I am so excited to capture it all for them! 

Kasandra & Tim Engaged

I don't think it gets any more awesome than getting the chance to capture a couple as they truly are. I often get to do this with my job, and I never take for granted that these people who I am just establishing a relationship with let me into their lives to see the true foundations of their love for each other. It's not easy to let walls down and have a third party come into your space that usually fits just 2 people, but once the weirdness fades of having someone with a camera in your faces snapping pictures of you together, I like to think that I make a pretty good 3rd wheel. :) Aaaaand I can usually match my couples with the weirdness factor. ;) Kasandra and Tim are SO MUCH FUN and when I asked them what they love to do together I got an amazing list of things to choose from. We settled on going to a quaint little wine bistro and playing card games over a glass of wine -- something the two of them do together on a regular basis! They taught me a new card game which I have since already forgotten how to play (I'm secretly hoping they'll take this as a hint to teach me again) and I came out of this session with a heightened love for my job and a new BFF's closet to shop in if ever I find myself in Mankato looking for a cute outfit. I absolutely adore this couple, and I can not wait for their wedding day to come around... 5 months from TODAY! 

Also, shout out to Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro for being so awesome and SO accommodating for our session! They have a killer wine list and an amazing cheese plate so you all should plan your own date night at this place; you won't be disappointed!

Alissa & Chris Engaged

Anyone who has had me as their photographer has probably heard the line "Don't be afraid of COLOR!" when discussing clothing options for their shoot. These two took that advice and all-out RAN with it, and I LOVE THEM FOR IT. They changed into their second outfit and became a walking, talking Gap ad... and it was perfection with the simple white, snowy tundra backdrop that we were working with at Minnehaha Falls! What better way to insert a little cheer into an otherwise monochrome season??! The fact that Alissa and Chris were truly a BLAST to work with is totally beside the point. ;) But in all seriousness... their wedding at Camrose Hill this fall can't come soon enough! I can already tell it's going to be a gorgeous day filled with a ton of sweet love, laughter, and the perfect amount of goofiness.