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Nice to meet you. I'm Krista.

I truly cannot think of a more humbling profession than being the person that has been chosen to capture some of the most important moments that happen in peoples’ lives! It boggles my mind that I have been lucky enough to express my love of art in a way that also allows me to give back to people and help them have permanent memories of these amazing moments.

My style of work allows my couples to be relaxed, have a BLAST, and let their true emotions shine through -- all while knowing that their day will be captured to it’s most beautiful extent. No detail will be overlooked.

More about me, you say?! Well, I am wife to my amazing husband, Aaron -- my #1 supporter and my best friend. Some of my favorite things in this world are (in no particular order) : our sweet kitty Millie, laughter, a great cheese plate, anytime Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake are on the TV screen together, blossoming houseplants, checking out a new brewery with my hubby, the color orange, my darling nephews, and dessert. The way to my heart is definitely through dessert.

Now I’d love to hear YOUR story!