2014 Year In Review!

WHAT. A. YEAR. The past twelve months have taken me to so many amazing places with some crazy awesome people. From Target Field to Red Wing, and from pig farms to little cabins in Wisconsin... I've witnessed more love and laughter than I thought imaginable, and I've come out of 2014 with a strengthened appreciation for life and all that it has to offer. Thank you to every one of you who stood in front of my camera this year -- you've inspired me and helped me chase my dreams. I -LOVE- capturing your stories!! Also, another HUGE thank you to those of you who help me behind the scenes: friends, family, my crazy amazing husband, and even my furry little office mate, Millie, for keeping me sane on days where I didn't think I could stay afloat. The love, support, and belief in me that these people have given to me over the year has kept me motivated and inspired to chase this crazy dream of mine. I've so loved all that 2014 has brought my way... So bring it on, 2015. Let's see what you've got!! :)