Kasandra & Tim Engaged

I don't think it gets any more awesome than getting the chance to capture a couple as they truly are. I often get to do this with my job, and I never take for granted that these people who I am just establishing a relationship with let me into their lives to see the true foundations of their love for each other. It's not easy to let walls down and have a third party come into your space that usually fits just 2 people, but once the weirdness fades of having someone with a camera in your faces snapping pictures of you together, I like to think that I make a pretty good 3rd wheel. :) Aaaaand I can usually match my couples with the weirdness factor. ;) Kasandra and Tim are SO MUCH FUN and when I asked them what they love to do together I got an amazing list of things to choose from. We settled on going to a quaint little wine bistro and playing card games over a glass of wine -- something the two of them do together on a regular basis! They taught me a new card game which I have since already forgotten how to play (I'm secretly hoping they'll take this as a hint to teach me again) and I came out of this session with a heightened love for my job and a new BFF's closet to shop in if ever I find myself in Mankato looking for a cute outfit. I absolutely adore this couple, and I can not wait for their wedding day to come around... 5 months from TODAY! 

Also, shout out to Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro for being so awesome and SO accommodating for our session! They have a killer wine list and an amazing cheese plate so you all should plan your own date night at this place; you won't be disappointed!