winter engagement

Lauren & Tom | Bald Man Brewing Engagement

Getting to work with siblings of past couples is one of the most amazing feelings that comes with this job of mine. It is so incredibly awesome to get to know another couple within a family that you've already connected with, and knowing that I get to look forward to seeing some of my favorite past faces (ahem, here's looking at you Bridget & Eric) gets me seriously giddy! Lauren and Tom are the best of the best kind of people, and you can't help but be happy when you're around them. One day I received an email with the opening line that stated: "Ok Krista I think you are going to LOVE ME right now!!!!" and Lauren proceeds to let me know that she's convinced her favorite local brewery to let us in on a day that they are closed so that we can take their engagement photos without anyone around.... at that moment, I not only knew I had hit the client jackpot, but that I was the luckiest photographer around. Their wedding day cannot come soon enough - I can't WAIT to watch their day unfold and be surrounded by their joy!!

Kathryn & John | Minneapolis Engagement at the Copper Hen

If I had the power to make the weather do my bidding (which, believe me, as a photographer I wish this every single day), I would have made this winter engagement session look EXACTLY like this!! A fresh and fluffy snowfall that piles onto the branches of trees, the lightest flakes falling during photos, and not even the slightest breeze to make it feel even colder than it already was... this winter session was perfection. Spending time with this fabulous pair of people brings it to another level -- I had the pleasure of photographing their proposal late last fall and now I get to follow their journey into marriage while capturing all the best moments in between!! Their engagement photos are a new favorite of mine and topping it all off with drinks and desserts at The Copper Hen was the blueberry on top of a perfect bacon cupcake. See for yourself! :)

Sarah & Andrew Engaged

This stunning couple's engagement session really deserves TWO blog posts, but sometimes I need to restrain myself. :) With crazy schedules, short winter days, and the desire for multiple locations, Sarah & Andrew ended up having two separate mini engagement sessions to cover everything we wanted to do! By the time Part 2 came around, the snow had melted and we somehow ended up with one of the most gorgeous sunny March days -- which basically means they totally lucked out with covering two different seasons in their engagement session! Gosh I love Minnesota. :) 

I'm pretty obsessed with this session and this couple, so I hope you all can enjoy this post as much as I do! Special thanks to Lakes and Legends Brewing Company for being so accommodating and having AWESOME beer to top it all off!! Love that space!

Amy & Blake Engaged

Another day, another darling couple I get to work with! Today is Amy & Blake's time to take over the blog and I'm loving the chance to relive this sweet winter session with perfect little hints of Christmas. These two even took their awesomeness to another level at the end of their session -- I mean, I already leave engagement shoots feeling all warm and fuzzy from witnessing people in love, and then these two ramped it up by giving me the sweetest Christmas gift! This little act of kindness brought me so much joy! I truly love my clients whether they bring me presents or not; getting to know so many people from my job has been so enriching to my life and I am grateful to God for each and every person that steps in front of my camera. <3 Thanks for being rockstars, A&B. So glad to know you during this amazing time in your lives!

Shanna & Henry Engaged

Man, I love couples. I love learning what makes them tick, I love watching how they interact, how their personalities mesh together. It's amazing to me how different we all are yet we can all find that one person who just GETS you. How beautiful is that?! I got to capture that relationship for Shanna & Henry earlier in the winter (I can't quite get over the fact that I can't say "earlier this year" now that it's 2016!!) and now I wanted to share some of my favorites from their session with you all! Their wedding is taking place at a favorite venue of mine, Minneapolis Event Centers, this coming June and I am so excited to capture it all for them! 

Kasandra & Tim Engaged

I don't think it gets any more awesome than getting the chance to capture a couple as they truly are. I often get to do this with my job, and I never take for granted that these people who I am just establishing a relationship with let me into their lives to see the true foundations of their love for each other. It's not easy to let walls down and have a third party come into your space that usually fits just 2 people, but once the weirdness fades of having someone with a camera in your faces snapping pictures of you together, I like to think that I make a pretty good 3rd wheel. :) Aaaaand I can usually match my couples with the weirdness factor. ;) Kasandra and Tim are SO MUCH FUN and when I asked them what they love to do together I got an amazing list of things to choose from. We settled on going to a quaint little wine bistro and playing card games over a glass of wine -- something the two of them do together on a regular basis! They taught me a new card game which I have since already forgotten how to play (I'm secretly hoping they'll take this as a hint to teach me again) and I came out of this session with a heightened love for my job and a new BFF's closet to shop in if ever I find myself in Mankato looking for a cute outfit. I absolutely adore this couple, and I can not wait for their wedding day to come around... 5 months from TODAY! 

Also, shout out to Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro for being so awesome and SO accommodating for our session! They have a killer wine list and an amazing cheese plate so you all should plan your own date night at this place; you won't be disappointed!